Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wallgreens Super Saver Program

Walgreen's has a great program to save you money. It's called their Super Saver Program.
What it is
Each month they publish a new Super Saver catalog. You can get it from their website or in the store. The catalog has a ton of coupons as well as rebates on select items. Many of the rebates are very good and cover a large portion of the cost of the item. Each month they also feature select items that are free.
How it works
Go into the store during the designated dates and purchase the items you need from the Super Saver catalog. Save your receipt. You can then redeem your rebate via Internet or mail. I have found that the Internet is the best way. You just go to their site and type in the necessary receipt code and they will review your receipt and either send you a check for your rebate or you can choose to get your rebate in the form of a Walgreen's gift card. If you choose this option they will give you an additional 10% of what your rebate is worth. I have received my rebate in less than a months time. *Note: the state taxes you pay are not refundable in the rebate.
What it's saved me
I've only been participating in this program for two months but the savings are already awesome. The following items are things that I have received for free through this program.
L'oreal face moisturizer - $19.99
Rimmel foundation - $7.49
Alamay mascara - $6.99
L'oreal facial cleanser - $6.99
8 x 10 photo - $2.99
Total Savings: $44.45

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Alicia said...

Sad Day... They have discontinued the Super Saver program but if you sign up on their website you are still e-mailed promotional codes for free 8x10 pictures every once in a while.