Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Coupons Are Awesome!!!

So I have some great friends who are amazing and have inspired me to start using coupons. The picture above is from my first trip trying out the coupon technique the pros use. I have to admit is was a complete success and I couldn't be happier. The above items should have cost me $92.23 (before taxes) but instead I saved $64.02 and all of this food only cost me $28.21 (before taxes). I was grinning form ear to ear as I left the store revelling in my new triumph.
Now, let me tell you how I did it...
How to get coupons: You can get coupons from the paper, blinkies and stands in the aisles of the store, from ads at the front of the store, from signing up for free coupons and freebies from the manufacturers site, or there are a plethora of websites that will direct you to coupons you can print from your computer. Here is one that I like called Money Saving Mom. Collect as many as you can.
Use them with Buy One Get One Free deals: I shop at Publix which frequently has B1G1Free sales. When chips are normally $4 and you can B1G1Free you don't have to buy two to get the deal you can just buy one for just $2. If you also have a coupon for $1 off you end up paying only $1 for the chips that were normally $4 saving you $3! Many stores also double coupons that are 50 cents or less. So a 50 cent coupon is actually $1. Where you can really stock up is when you have more than one coupon. Check your stores B1G1Free deals for the week and plan ahead. If your coupon is for more that the price the remaining money is called overage and is deducted from another item.
Here's a breakdown of some of the stuff that I bought today and the savings.
A-1 Sauce Various Flavors
  • Originally $3.79.
  • B1G1Free Sale Price $1.90
  • Coupon $2.00 off
  • Total for each $-.10

Oscar Mayer Beef Jumbo Franks

  • Originally $3.99
  • B1G1Free Sale Price $1.99
  • Coupon $1.00 off when you buy 2
  • Total for each $.99

Kraft Dressings Various Flavors

  • Originally $2.99
  • B1G1Free Sale Price $1.49
  • Coupon $1.50 off
  • Total for each $-.01

Betty Crocker Turtle Supreme Brownie Mix

  • Originally $2.55
  • B1G1Free Sale Price $1.28
  • Coupon $.50 off when you buy two but was doubled so it was actually $1 off when you buy two
  • Total for each $.78 plus there is a coupon on the boxes for 2 free movie tickets with 10 UPC's all I need is 4 more from other participating brands and I get to see Harry Potter 6 for free too!

Lenders Bagels

  • Originally $2.09
  • B1G1F sale price $1.05
  • Coupon $1.00 off when you buy 3
  • Total for each $.71

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spread Assorted Flavors

  • Originally $1.99
  • 4 or $5 sale $1.25 each
  • Coupon save $1 when you buy 2
  • Total for each $.75

Triscut Assorted Flavors

  • Originally $3.19
  • B1G1Free sale price $1.60
  • Coupon save $1 when you buy 2
  • Total for each $1.10

I also got a dollar off of the roast beef from a store coupon and the olives weren't on sale, I just wanted them. :) As you can see the savings are significant and I'm not even a pro yet. A friend of mine bought $180 dollars in groceries the other day and only ended up spending $60 a savings of $120!

Think of what this will mean to your budget as well as your food storage. You never know what is going to happen if you will loose your job, a grocery worker strike or a natural disaster with take out the food supply. Won't it feel good to know that your savvy shopping and the food you have stored up will be there when you need it? Doomsday's aside - I'm just happy that I now have brownies on hand for all those parties and Church activities that I will be asked to bring a treat to!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Free Hot Dogs

We all pretend that we are disgusted by them but let's face it... everyone loves hot dogs!

Go get yourself a coupon for a free pack! Oscar Mayer is giving out coupons for a free package. Click here to sign up.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sign Up For Free Samples

Getting stuff for free is awesome. Free samples are the best because you can try something that you may think you want but just aren't sure enough to spend a lot of money to try. Getting free samples of things is also great because you can keep them as a "rainy day" item or keep it in a 72 hour emergency kit. For example a free sample of tampons comes in handy when you run out and it suddenly becomes an emergency. Or you use the last of the dish washing detergent but thank goodness you have that free sample to use before you can get to the store again.

On Walmart's site there is a section where you can sign up for free samples of items. There are also several places all over the Internet you can find free samples of things. Oh and if you're having a baby, sign up for every site there is, you will get free formula, baby products and checks for lots of money to go towards formula. Totally worth it.

If you are concerned about getting a ton on junk e-mail for signing up at these sites just simply open up an e-mail account that you can use for these things specifically. That way, special offers and coupons won't junk up your personal e-mail account.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Discount Days and Free Birthday Food at Moe's

Well, I just came back from a delicious dinner at Moe's. The best part about it? It was free!! If you go to their site you can sign up for their free birthday promotion. On your birthday they send you an e-mail with a coupon for a free entree. You have 7 days to use it. It's a simple as that! I saved almost $8 and had a lovely evening out with the family.

While I was there I was also informed that Monday's you get $1 off all burritos and on Tuesday's kids eat free! This is the Moe's in Vestavia, Alabama. I am not 100% sure if all Moe's have promotions on the same day so I would check with your Moe's ahead of time. The birthday dinner is applicable at all Moe's locations.