Saturday, November 8, 2008

Save Money on Auto Insurance

When you are looking for auto insurance make sure that you ask about discounts that you may be eligible for. Many places are happy to tell you what discounts you can receive but you have to ask first.

Some discounts I have received in the past include: safe driver, student, homeowner, multiple car, and continued customer.

Another way to save money is to pay your 6 month premium all at once. I have insurance through Progressive and if we made payments every month our 6 month cost for insurance would be $407. Since we pay for the whole 6 months at once we are given a discount and pay only $351. A savings of $56.

In order to ease the burden of a big bill. My husband sets aside "an insurance payment" every month into a separate savings account. It's like an escrow account for our car insurance. When the premium is due we already have the money ready to send out.

Save money on auto insurance the smart way. NEVER cheat yourself out of the proper coverage you need to protect your family just to save a few pennies. Always buy the most coverage you can afford.

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