Monday, May 11, 2009

Discount Days and Free Birthday Food at Moe's

Well, I just came back from a delicious dinner at Moe's. The best part about it? It was free!! If you go to their site you can sign up for their free birthday promotion. On your birthday they send you an e-mail with a coupon for a free entree. You have 7 days to use it. It's a simple as that! I saved almost $8 and had a lovely evening out with the family.

While I was there I was also informed that Monday's you get $1 off all burritos and on Tuesday's kids eat free! This is the Moe's in Vestavia, Alabama. I am not 100% sure if all Moe's have promotions on the same day so I would check with your Moe's ahead of time. The birthday dinner is applicable at all Moe's locations.

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Shanny said...

WELCOME TO MOE'S!!! I love that place, my fave is the home wrecker! How's life?