Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free Movies From The Red Box

Many people love Redbox. Redbox is a DVD kiosk that is located in many grocery stores and McDonalds' around the country. You simply pay $1 to rent a movie for one day. If you keep it for longer than a day it is $1 for each additional day. The best part is you can return it to any Redbox in the country and is ideal for long car trips with the kids. If you go to their official site you can register and recieve a promotional code for a free movie.

At the site Inside Redbox you can register and you will be updated with promo codes for free rentals on a regular basis. I have never used Redbox but I have heard lots of others rave about it as well as the free promo code site.

I doesn't hurt to check it out, because what's better than a $1 movie rental? A FREE movie rental!


Jill said...

Registered users also get a promo number this month (March) for a free movie rental each Wednesday. We have already taken advantage of this and watched Madagascar 2 with the kids.

Alicia said...

Good to know! Thanks for the info!

Britta said...

Hey Alicia! Thanks for the comment on our blog. It's nice to know that any time I want to check out what you're up to I can. I love your Etsy shop. I have one too. Check it out if you haven't already. Also if you want to.