Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sign Up For Free Samples

Getting stuff for free is awesome. Free samples are the best because you can try something that you may think you want but just aren't sure enough to spend a lot of money to try. Getting free samples of things is also great because you can keep them as a "rainy day" item or keep it in a 72 hour emergency kit. For example a free sample of tampons comes in handy when you run out and it suddenly becomes an emergency. Or you use the last of the dish washing detergent but thank goodness you have that free sample to use before you can get to the store again.

On Walmart's site there is a section where you can sign up for free samples of items. There are also several places all over the Internet you can find free samples of things. Oh and if you're having a baby, sign up for every site there is, you will get free formula, baby products and checks for lots of money to go towards formula. Totally worth it.

If you are concerned about getting a ton on junk e-mail for signing up at these sites just simply open up an e-mail account that you can use for these things specifically. That way, special offers and coupons won't junk up your personal e-mail account.

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