Friday, June 12, 2009

What to do with old formula cans

I love formula cans, there are so many uses for them. You can decorate them to hold anything you want. I have cans decorated all over my house to hold pencils, craft scissors, craft hand punches, candy, cotton balls, crayons, and more! You are only limited to your imagination. They can also be decorated and used to give someone a batch of homemade cookies or candy. There can be a sharp edge around the inside so make sure that if a child will be using it you take precautions to cover the sharp edge with fabric or felt.
I made these little Halloween candy jars using fabric, felt and a hot glue gun. I made a little bag using some fabric I had lying around and glued the edge to the outside of the can. This is to be kept inside the can to cover the can. I then wrapped it with felt (to cover the edge of the bag) and added felt accessories. On the cat, I added wire whiskers. The other is made just using paper, glue and a few scrapbook accessories.

A great way to upcycle those formula cans!

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Texas Coupon Cutie said...

Ya know I was just thinking the other day what a waste these cans are and that someone should think of something to do with them. Usually I just receyle them but now I'm going to decorate and use them! THanks!