Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Make Inexpensive Play Clothes

I can't believe I'm sharing this old photo with the world (by the way I'm 6 months pregnant here). I've been making this costume for Halloween for several years now because it is cheap, it is easy to make and it lets me be creative. With 4 paper grocery bags I am able to create last minute cowboy costumes for me and the Mr. Get creative with scissors and markers and you can do anything.

Play clothes don't have to cost a lot if anything at all. It can also be fun for your kids to make them themselves. I cut the bags to what I want them to be, it's as simple as that. The bags are sturdy and have a leather appearance after you crinkle them and smooth them. I've also made Indian costumes with these too. You can punch holes in the chaps and string yarn trough. The belt buckles were made from cardboard and tin foil. I have also made guns in the past from cardboard, toilet paper rolls and tin foil. You can color these costumes to look like cow hide and even include a shiny sheriff badge.

Martha Stewart has other creative how-to's on seven different homemade and inexpensive costumes. Of course she is Martha and her costumes blow this one out of the water. Try making paper bag costumes or try one of Martha's. I promise, you and your kids will have a blast!

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