Saturday, February 7, 2009

Listen to Free Music

Okay, so everyone that I've talked to about what I'm about to post has laughed at me because I am the only 26 year old on the planet that is so technology impaired but I'm going to post about this anyway because maybe there is someone out there like me.

I recently discovered It's the most amazing site! You can add as many songs as you want to a play list. You can put the play list on your Myspace, Facebook, Blog etc. or you can just listen to them straight from Playlist's site on your computer and much more. The best part is it's completely FREE!!

I have created 3 play lists so far, my favorite songs at the moment, one for kids songs for my daughter and one for Sunday songs. I love it! I will put my play list on and listen to it for hours while I craft, clean or just have a dance party with my daughter. A word of caution though if you are creating a play list for a child, make sure you sample the song before you put it on the play list. I discovered some of the Sesame Street Songs that came up on my search were not actually Sesame Street songs but rather vulgar parody songs of original Sesame Street songs, so just be careful.

I have posted my play list of favorites at the bottom of the page if you want to check it out!


moldy said...

You gotta check out pandora it is about the best thing on the internet...well except for those pictures of cats with funny sayings underneath. You can type in The Misfits and it will play all kinds of music that is similar. You just gotta check it out it rules. Oh and it's free.

Alicia said...

Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out and feature it here.