Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The value of a penny

If I haven't convinced you to use coupons before maybe this will help...

The total cost of all of the items you see here is 1 penny.

Yes, that's right, that penny that was on the ground that you didn't pick up, was picked up by me and I turned it into all of this!

Using a combination of store sales, coupons, free samples, and CVS's extra care rewards program the total cost of everything ended up being one penny. I bought $40 worth of items that day that
are not pictured here but these were just a penny. Ahhhh.... it feels so good.....

What are you waiting for? Get couponing today!! http://www.moneysavingmom.com/ has helped me learn the tricks of the trade. Let her help you too.


Texas Coupon Cutie said...

That's awesome! It's been a while since I got my bill that low. Good job!

Alicia said...

It was a miraculous day. :)

Hannah Stevenson said...

WHA?! Amazing! Inspiring!

By the way Alicia, the boots came from Target!

Love you!